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Internet is a lifeline for any organization/ Individual today and we thank you for considering us to provide you with this life line. Axisnet, a veteran in the IT industry meets your needs for timely deliveries, flexibility, personalized attention and most important Quality Service. Axisnet had a good number of satisfied customers, is always keen to serve you at its level best, if opportunity given. In the following page you shall find a details outline of the solution we propose to you, one we are sure would cover all your required.

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A Brief Write-up of the Services

Axisnet offers a range of dedicated leased Internet Connectivity solutions with various compression rationsas well as premium bandwith solution. Our offering start with 64k to STM levels Through its excellent quality of service and unbeatable downtime at most economical prices, Axisnet has own the trust and confidence of many corporate houses across countries. Axisnet has started offering Internet over cable to the end customer in partnership with cable operators spread across various cities. We now have expanded reach and by strategic prtnerships we plan to penetrate the vastretail segment.
Axisnet Implemented various applications to protect companics against the attacts from the internet which can bring the entire companies operations to a standstill. Its comprehensive opne source based applications provide complete protection to corporate against Viruses, Hackers and other dangers of the net. We have also develope a fully functional bandwith management system to aid and assist Network administrators to control their bandwith requirements and to provide complete Network Management Interfaces.
In this era where complete is the need of the day Axisnet offers customized solutions ranging from providing connectivity to sourcing equipment to complete network integration and setup of LAN/WAN requirements. We also provide industry specific consulting for Call Center/BPO and other Industries to meet their IT requirements. With the need of the corporate getting very demanding for technology to cross with effecive prices our role as a One Stop Company has become very challenging.
Axisnet delivers flawless livestreaming over the Internet and does not require any augmentation of client infrastructure. Highly Scalable without posing any limitation. Easy to implement-plug and play solution. Webcasting of Events - real time availability of events for viewing over the internet like Institutional events, association events, launches, marriages, parties, social events, live performances, sporting events etc.

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